Thoughts on Pinlo Bladedge?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Meltdownblitz, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Meltdownblitz macrumors 65816

    Jan 21, 2010
    I've been looking at this case for a while, debating about picking one up. Haven't seen many reviews or people talking about it. However I did see the gadgetmac review on it. Any other personal thoughts or experiences?
  2. Meltdownblitz thread starter macrumors 65816

    Jan 21, 2010
    Thanks man, thats awesome, which color did you purchase? If clear, can you post some photos please :D
  3. Faded1984 macrumors member

    Jul 2, 2010
    Any chance of a video review?
  4. shotgunshane macrumors newbie

    Aug 12, 2010
    How is the headphone jack? Is it as small as the apple and knockoff bumpers? I have Westone earphones and their connector is too fat for the bumpers.
  5. buffgrk macrumors member

    Dec 9, 2010
    just ordered a clear bladedge, ill chuck up some pics when i get it.
  6. Meltdownblitz thread starter macrumors 65816

    Jan 21, 2010
    Perfect, I've been waiting for this. Thanks.
  7. meringues macrumors member

    Mar 7, 2009
    Anyone have any pics of a clear one yet? Is there any other product that's comparable to this?
  8. azBoB macrumors newbie

    Feb 18, 2011
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    Does anyone know if this bumper will work with the Verizon iPhone?
  9. BriChi macrumors 6502

    Oct 12, 2006
    +1 plus pics would be great with the clear one installed
  10. Meltdownblitz thread starter macrumors 65816

    Jan 21, 2010
    Agreed as well. Btw will this work with lucky labs wraps? Thanks.
  11. nies macrumors 6502

    Aug 24, 2010
    Anyone know if this is vzw iPhone compatible??
  12. stcizzle macrumors regular

    May 20, 2011
    NH, USA
    Anyone know if this case will fit Verizon's iPhone 4???

    They don't specify either way on the site and I any tell just by looking at the pictures!!!!

    Thx. No one seems to know...
  13. h1r0ll3r macrumors 68040


    Dec 28, 2009
    Definitely one of most unique looking bumper cases out there. I like it but not enough to buy it :( Seems a tad pricey for a plastic bumper.
  14. calvy macrumors 65816

    Sep 17, 2007
    I have the clear one on a white At&t iPhone 4. I'll take photos tomorrow.
  15. GT-R macrumors member

    Sep 25, 2010
    i had this case on my iphone for about a week, before i noticed a rip/crack already. Phone was never dropped... so i ditched it.

    it looks nice, but not very dependable

    i have the smoke colored one
  16. hastyle macrumors member

    Jan 9, 2007
    cracked after a week!?!? is anyone else having the same problem with this bumper?

  17. KeroLu macrumors member

    Dec 30, 2011
    Sorry to bump up this old thread. But how the eff were you guys able to put on the bumper on the iphone. At first I thought it was my lucky wraps that was problem but after removing it, I still couldn't apply the bumper. I could all the corners in but one! So frustrated, and what a waste of my lucky wrap. :mad:
  18. christof macrumors 6502

    May 8, 2002
    SFO, JFK
    What did you replace Pinlo Bladedge with: Caze ThinEdge?

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