Price Advice Thoughts on the iPhone X at $749?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by neoelectronaut, Mar 21, 2019.

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    Best Buy is currently selling the 64GB iPhone X for $749, with is actually $20 less than Apple sells them refurbished.

    I generally replace my iPhone every three years (Bought iPhone 4 in Nov. 2010, iPhone 5c in Sept. 2013, iPhone SE in Mar. 2017) so it's a bit too soon for me to replace my SE, but I'm starting to feel the new gadget itch and this seems like a pretty decent deal. Since it looks like Apple is done with 4" iPhones, I figure I gotta rip this band-aid off sooner than later anyway.

    I can likely sell my iPhone SE on eBay for $200 (Maybe more, listings are kinda all over the place), which would ideally bring this down to to around $625 out of pocket. (Plus Best Buy will give me 5% back in store rewards on my purchase, so roughly $38 in rewards.)

    Any thoughts on the iPhone X at that price? Should I just wait it out another year and hope a new 4" model surfaces instead?

    Or maybe I can just grab that Series 3 LTE Apple Watch that B&H is selling for $284 instead and try to avoid using a phone altogether.

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    It’s not a bad price, considering it’s still a fairly relevant phone with the A11. As far as a 4 inch iPhone surfacing in 2020, maybe. It seems Apple is trying to revive some of the legacy products, like the iPod touch perhaps soon, and the iPad mini. So it’s very possible, but Apple being very unpredictable at best.

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