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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by InvalidBassist, Apr 2, 2010.

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    I read recently that Google's Android OS was suffering as a whole because of the varying devices it is on and the 4 versions (or so) of it that are out there and the latency between the carriers and handset manufacturers pushing out updates to the latest version. They are proposing that they will break the key apps from the OS (Maps, Browser, etc) and make them available through the Android Market so that they can push updates that way without affecting the core OS too much...

    The iBooks app isn't a default app on the iPad and that's so that they can push upgrades quicker than pushing an OS update every time...

    If you haven't figured out the connection yet here it is:

    Do you think Apple has already thought of this and are planning to release the apps that are normally on the iPhone that aren't on the iPad to the app store?

    I don't know... it's just a thought.

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    I don't think Apple would do that because apps that come with the OS are unremoveable, but any app from the app store is deletable. I could be wrong, and it could be a sign of Apple opening things up if they start unbundling some of their apps and force them to compete on a level playing field.
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    Possibly. Or it may be that Apple is concentrating on its core needs and letting the market spend resources and develop better alternatives. For each app bundled into the iPhone OS that is not on the iPad there exists a more powerful alternative.
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    Yeah, Android platform suffers from the fragmentation problem. I have Nexus One and somehow this device, HTC Desire is coming out which is basically my Nexus One with Sense UI and an optical trackpad vs trackball. That's just insanity ;)

    The approach taken from Google is to have their native apps easily updatable form Android Market so people with say older Android version who is still waiting for HTC to update their Sense UI for the latest Android, are able to update the core applications (eg: Maps/Browser)

    Now, iBooks is probably separate not because of this reason as there is no fragmentation on iPhone market, clearly due to there is only 1 device using the operating system.

    I am leaning towards a couple reasons why iBooks is a separate app:
    1. Enables Amazon, Stanza, or possibly B&N to have their reader apps as iPhone OS ToS does not allow applications that mimic/copy/try to replace stock apps (eg: Web browser)
    2. Copyright problem overseas. Apple will be able to update/modify/restrict each region iBooks app separately as opposed to creating several different firmware versions. For example, US/EU/APAC will have their own set of restricted/banned books on each version of their applications... Much more modular and easier for Apple to update ;)

    Just my 2 cents

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