thread for people who struggle with thermal throttling on bootcamp

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    Feb 20, 2016
    i just signed in to this forum just to share my research ive done past couple of days, im new here.
    i hope this thread helps anyone out there who has the same setup as me :)

    best 'how to configure' Windows APM settings for macbook pro retina 13" retina early 2015 bootcamp(and all PC running Windows in general) by hoholee12

    i5-5257u CPU

    32p 0.8Ghz - lowest & slowest
    43p 0.9Ghz - lowest & slowest
    50p 1.2Ghz
    58p 1.4Ghz
    65p 1.6Ghz -> my ideal clockspeed for idle programs
    73p 1.8Ghz
    84p 2.0Ghz
    95p 2.3Ghz
    98p 2.6Ghz
    99p 2.7Ghz
    100p 3.1Ghz - turboboost

    Iris6100 GPU

    maximum battery life - 450mhz
    balanced - random
    maximum performance - almost fullspeed

    create dozens of powerplans for each programs, and easily switch by using some automation tools like process lasso.

    get throttlestop 8.00 to view thermometer and clockspeed realtime.

    for macbooks, use MacsFanControl for windows. set sensor-based value to CPU Core 0, the most responsive sensor(most responsive sensors are vital for preventing thermal throttling). i use min 50c - max 100c.
    **even without thermal throttling, there is some other hidden power management that throttles down cpu on certain conditions. so dont get clever about setting high values on min temp for reducing fan noise. just use min 50c - max 100c

    starting some idle programs like chrome browser may burst up the cpu clock and in turn burst up fan speed(will make you wet pants). you dont want that. edit the existing idle powerplan you're using to lower the cpu clock. and create other powerplans for programs that really need cpu power.

    my current powerplans:

    Power Saver -> i dont use this.
    balanced -> 1.6Ghz & balanced gpu(my default powerplan)
    High Performance -> i dont use this.
    no turboboost & 450mhz gpu
    no turboboost & balanced gpu -> programs that require gpu power
    no turboboost & fullspeed gpu -> too hot & noisy fan(not recommended)
    turboboost & 450mhz gpu -> programs that require cpu power
    turboboost & balanced gpu
    turboboost & fullspeed gpu -> too hot & noisy fan(not recommended)

    **no turboboost = 99p 2.7Ghz
    **turboboost = 100p 3.1Ghz
    **fullspeed(maximum performance) gpu is generally not recommended AT ALL.
    **balanced gpu is still hot. if you absolutely want to reduce fan noise completely, either dont use gpu intensive programs or only use 450mhz clock.

    **i used balanced gpu instead of 450mhz gpu as my default powerplan. why?
    =>because i dont want to change much settings everytime i try a new program that might be gpu intensive. also no idle apps ive seen burst up much gpu clock at all, so i leave it as balanced gpu.
    the key factor in this tl;dr is:
    -responsive fan
    -tradeoff between turboboost vs fullspeed igpu

    with this now i can play intensive games and emulators without worrying much about thermal throttling.
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    Jun 1, 2015
    I'm too lazy to document and copy your procedure for the 15inch but I might tinker with it. Thanks for the info!

    I read somewhere that the thermal issue was related to the 15inch models gpu always being on. I've used the built in Windows power scheme and reduced the cpu to ~60%. Battery is much better, heat is down and no noticeable degradation in speed (for my uses - Office/email work)

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