Three iPad 2 cases reviewed

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    Otterbox Defender - I'm a big fan of OB Defender iPhone cases. I have had three on my various generations of iPhones. They kept my phones in mint condition despite numerous drops on to hard surfaces, bumps, general abuse, etc. So when I got my iPad 2 despite poor reviews on Amazon I ordered a Defender for it. The reviews were right. It was incredibly fiddly to install and no amount of adjusting, reinstalling, etc. would keep the headphone jack flap closed. The case also has no screen protection what so ever. Finally weight. Usually added weight doesn't bother me. I like a little heft. But the Defender for the iPad seemingly triples it's weight. It transforms the iPad from an elegant lightweight device to a piece of gym equipment suitable for doing squats.

    Tribeca "NFL" Folio Case - after I returned the Defender I ordered another case but shipping was slow so on a whim I bought a Tribeca folio "NFL" case. It's roughly styled after the iPad 1 case. The fit is decent. I like the feel of the "Nubuck leather" (synthetic) and the folding stand works well. But the negatives are many - it's massively overpriced (probably due to paying the NFL license fee). After a few days of use the cover started coming loose from the inner plastic. It lacks the sleep feature of less expensive cases. I also didn't like the finish on the edges. They are sharp and amplify the all synthetic feel of the case's materials.

    AYL/Yoobao Executive Leather Case - by far my favorite case. Relatively inexpensive, seemingly well constructed with perfect fit (I'll report back on it's durability). The sleep/wake feature works well. The construction and overall feel far exceed the price. The negatives are few - I read many reviews complaining about a "toxic" smell when first unboxed. Mine smelled but it was tolerable, mostly like new leather and glue. By day two the smell had greatly diminished. AYL also didn't send me the latest version of this case. I received a Version 2 with the rounded, unreinforced spine. The latest version has a reinforced spine (like a hardback book). AYL also shipped this case via USPS in a padded envelop. Mine hard clearly been folded (creases) and had a small impact dent in the leather in the front. So most of the negatives were about the seller and shipping rather than case itself.

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