Three questions from a total newbie about iPhone 4

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  1. Tigurinn macrumors newbie

    Dec 15, 2011
    Yepp, not the most describtive title, but what the heck ;)

    1) The keyboard on my first iPhone has two buttons in my local language (everything else is in english, which I like); the two buttons are the "Space" bar (the long light grey at the bottom) and the probably "Shift"-button (it's the one on the right to the Space-bar) ... how do I change the two text from my local language to english?

    2) I've downloaded a few free games; however I'm very concerned that when a game forces you to go "shopping" that I'll be "shopping" for something that, at the end of the day will be credited to my credit card (which I don't want). One of these games that forces you to go to the "Shop" before going to the next mission is Six-Guns. At registration I had to enter my credit card; is there a way to know what costs real money and what doesn't in these "shops" in the game?

    3) Are there any progams for the iPhone 4 that are similar to "FindMyPhone"?? Nota bene, I'm a Windows 7 user.
  2. Tigurinn thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 15, 2011
    Hopefully some can answer these questions for me .... please ?
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    Dec 16, 2011
    newcastle upon tune

    dont worry about your card details, you'll know when ou have purchased something.
    if you want you deactivate them in itunes
    -open itunes
    -itunes store
    -log in
    -click on your email address and select account
    -edit payment info and select none for card type.
    you'll never buy by mistake

    You can still set up find my iphone on windows
    are you an iCloud user?

    for you keyboard, you can access settings > general > keyboard and you can change the style and layout

    hope that helps
  4. Tigurinn thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 15, 2011
    Phew, thank you :)

    With my card details I always got "Your request is temporarily unable to be processed. Please try again later.", but luckily today it worked :cool:

    Regarding the keyboard - I've tried every setting in the keyboard setting in Settings, to no avail ... perhaps my local reseller will know why.

    And I guess I'm a iCloud user, at least I got an email from Apple about that :eek: Guess I'll use the FindMyiPhone - it's just that I kinda dislike learning curves, but reading about it, it seems kinda straightforward which is good.

    ...I've always found it funny that Microsoft didn't require Hotmail users, when they are registering their accounts, to give out their phone number (and Microsoft should have some way to authenticate it) and if the phone were stolen one could log on to Hotmail, set the phone number as receipient and in the subject bar could be "gps", "erase" and so on.

    But thank you again.


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