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OS X Thrustmaster dual analog 4


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Mar 26, 2004
Does anyone have this joypad :

I had it in my hand last weekend in a shop, felt quite sturdy. Has the Xbox 360 controller layout which I prefer.
More importantly, it's only half the price of the Logitech f310 (which has a PS3 style layout).

It's supposed to be plug and play, no drivers needed and it said Mac and PC on the box...

I usually avoid Thrustmaster pads as they have wacky internal designs and are harder to get full support in all games, that said they are well built and newer games usually are programmed to deal with the "crazy" axises.

If you want a F310 (another good pad) you must hurt as Logitech stopped production on all gamepads so once they are out of stock that's it.

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