Thunderbolt 2 Dock won't wake display?

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    And the companies don't know why, it seems. I may have not understood this gentleman's reasoning, but it seemed to me that they just don't have an answer as to why so many people are having problems with these docks waking displays. Not all, but some. Anyway, here is the transcript of online help. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction as to where I was wrong and how to get the dock to wake my monitor.

    BTW, I had no luck in finding a driver for my monitor...

    17:09:09 Your Question: My thunderbolt 2 dock will wake the monitor from sleep after a couple of hours, but overnight, it works fine, but won't turn on the monitor.
    17:09:09 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
    17:10:44 You are now chatting with OWC Derek B (Technical Customer Service Representative) - Technical Support (8am-8pm M-F, 9am-4pm Sat CT)
    17:10:44 OWC Derek B: Thank you for contacting OWC. One moment please, while I look into your question.
    17:10:55 BoneDaddy: Thanks.
    17:13:00 OWC Derek B: Hello! Sorry to hear about that, but I'd be glad to assist you as best I can today.
    17:13:16 BoneDaddy: Ok.
    17:13:18 OWC Derek B: Just to verify, do any other devices exhibit similar behavior?
    17:13:53 BoneDaddy: No. Everything else seems to be active when the computer comes out of sleep, except the monitor.
    17:14:03 BoneDaddy: I've read that it's a common problem
    17:15:03 OWC Derek B: Sorry about that, in this case the best solution may be trying to locate drivers for the monitor as it may be from the connection type and the monitors isn't expecting a middle device that causes this.
    17:15:27 BoneDaddy: OWC drivers?
    17:15:41 BoneDaddy: Otherwise I've never needed a driver for a screen...
    17:16:37 OWC Derek B: A driver for the monitor as this would be a specific behavior from the monitor itself.
    17:18:58 BoneDaddy: No, I'd have to disagree. It seems like the simple thing to do is to tell people it's their monitor. I've used many devices. Even my Matrox Dualhead2go would wake my monitor. My macbook wakes 2 displays when it wakes, without the thunderbolt 2 dock. Either your answer is dismissive, or I'm not understanding the technical issue. Please help me understand why so many people are having this problem primarily with these docks, and I've never seen a screen driver in my life.
    17:21:11 BoneDaddy: Also, why will it wake the display after being asleep for only a couple of hours, but it won't wake it after the Mac sleeps for several hours?
    17:21:44 OWC Derek B: In this case, the dock is a pass-through device and does not control anything directly. As a result there is no controller or anything else on the device that could cause this, especially specifically to one type of device and not others. With the others working correctly, this also further indicates a specific behavior of the monitor itself.
    17:26:12 BoneDaddy: Ok, I can understand the theory, but the dock supplies power to the rest of what is connected to it. They don't turn off/on unless the dock does, therefore the only device this would possibly happen to, is the monitor, that shuts off when the mac enters sleep. The thing is, is why would my mac wake it, the Matrox wake it, but the thunderbolt will not. Being that it is a pas through device, this indicates that there is no pass through to my monitor. The matrox is similar and it does wake. Also, the longer my Mac is in sleep mode, the less likely the monitor wakes. Of coarse I do not have this problem unless the OWC dock is connected. That fact points to the dock as the culprit.
    17:28:11 BoneDaddy: People in reviews everywhere state that they have to unplug the thunderbolt and reconnect just to get their display to work. Take note, this is not for thunderbolt displays that are connected to the Mac, this is only for the thunderbolt dock.
    17:29:00 OWC Derek B: In this case this would happen to all monitors if the device was selectively deciding not to use monitors, however we have been able to test other monitors that do not experience this behavior.
    17:32:25 BoneDaddy: True. I am a man of reason. But that still begs the question why this is only happening with thunderbolt docks. For instance, I use two ASUS monitors. Recently I have been using them both plugged into a 13" macbook pro retina mid 2014. When I wake my Mac, they both pop up. Same exact monitors, both wake at the same time. When the thunderbolt wakes them, the thunderbolt connected monitor always wakes last. The longer the Mac sleeps, the longer it takes to wake, till finally it doesn't wake at all.
    17:33:53 BoneDaddy: The determining factor is your company's dock.
    17:35:26 OWC Derek B: Many devices have different behaviors over the ThunderBolt connection specifically and due require new drivers in order to work correctly over this type. For instance, using our Helios you are unable to use graphic cards in it due to drivers. The cards are not expecting this extra connection type, despite the pass through factor and are unusable as a result. Likely this is the same case with this monitor.
    17:38:42 BoneDaddy: But it's not a different connection type. Both ports on my mac that I use for both monitors are thunderbolt 2. This is a thunderbolt 2 dock. So my mac goes from thunderbolt two, to thunderbolt 2, to monitor, as apposed to thunderbolt 2, to monitor. So it's essentially a thunderbolt 2 extension.
    17:39:56 BoneDaddy: BTW I don't use HDMI, so we can rule that out. I always go TB2, to HDMI monitor, via minidisplay to HDMI cable.
    17:40:53 BoneDaddy: Are there any OWC TB2 drivers?
    17:42:21 OWC Derek B: In this case it may be worth trying different monitor or seeing if they have a driver for the monitor as we don't have a solution for this specific monitor. Sorry for that. However you can certainly try our dock driver that address the charging ports as it also has a few minor tweaks to it as well.
    17:45:44 BoneDaddy: Well I will give that a shot, though it seems ridiculous that this is a problem plaguing TB docks, and has no answers form tech support community. Not YOUR fault. It seems these dock companies simply do not care to address the issue. But I'll go ahead and try your driver. Not going to waste my time on looking for a driver for a monitor that works in every circumstance, excluding this dock's participation.
    17:46:14 BoneDaddy: Perhaps you can run this conversation up to your higher ups?
    17:46:34 OWC Derek B: I can certainly forward this along for you!
    17:47:23 BoneDaddy: I'd appreciate it. Not for my benefit, but in hopes someone will take a serious look at this issue and offer a serious solution.
    17:47:51 BoneDaddy: I appreciate you taking the time and trying to level with me, towards a solution. You have a good day, Mr. B.

    I hope I didn't come off as a jerk. I was trying to be understanding and civil. Most reviews of any dock talk about this problem. Biggest thing that puzzles me, is how it will wake after, sayyyyy, five hours, but not after 6 or 7.

    If anyone has answers, or can help me understand the issue. I'd be glad to know.
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