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    I have a 3TB Seagate GoFlex. There used to be Thunderbolt adaptors for $189 on Amazon for this drive. Now, there is only one place on Amazon selling it and the proce is almost $350!! However, there is a much chealer adaptor for the Seagate "Backup Plus" drive. The GoFlex adaptor is STAE 122, whereas the Adaptor for the Backup Plus is STAE 129.

    Does anyone know for sure if the adapptor for the Backup Plus drive (STAE 129) will work with the GoFlex drive? Also is that adaptor (STEA 129) able to "daisy Chain?"

    Never mind - I found the answer - the STAE WIll work with teh GoFlex drive accoording to Seagate.
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    I have the STAE 129 but do not use it with any Seagate drives, just loose drives so I can't help you if it will fit and work.

    I can answer the daisy chain part, yes it can daisy chain up to 6 Thunderbolt devices.

    FYI, the smaller 2.5" version cannot daisy chain.

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