thunderbolt based motherboard


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Sep 21, 2010
I believe it made a news few days ago when ASUS(or some other company) made an announcement that they will be having motherboard which has thunderbolt on them. This makes me happy since hopefully near future, price of them will come down to normal motherboard and I should be able to use my 2011 imac for target display mode.... grhghghgh.. until then.


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Jun 19, 2007
Plymouth, MN
I heard that they were doing it awhile ago - I don’t think that’s going to do much to the price of Thunderbolt though or it’s avialiblity. Most of the demand is going to be guided by the peripherals that use it - which there aren’t all that many due to the cost of the devices. Not to mention the cable costs are still going to be high due to the chips on them.

I believe that Sandy Bridge will incorporate it natively. I doubt that ASUS based boards are going to change things much - most people are going to be using Intel’s native stuff anyhow.


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Jan 6, 2008

Me too right now the number of thunderbolt accessories are just anemic.

Secondly i just hope network data transfers can match thunderbolt speed.


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Jun 9, 2010
i think the main reason thunderbolt isn't as spreaded
as we wish related to some deals with manufactors...
maybe the motherboard's ones or maybe with Gpu..or even
with great brands like Hp,Dell,Acer or even Apple...
(even if i don't buy this a lot..)
i know that Thunderbolt is still far to offer the same pci 3.0
(i'm not an expert so ..please accept my mistakes..just in case)
but in the minds of the customers the idea of a
very light notebook and a strong Gpu waiiting for it at home..
it is really really fascinating..
don't you think?
The only problem is that this will change the consumers habits
and a lot of the current new laptop "every year"
just because your Mobile Gpu is getting outdated...etc etc
i would like to see it happen,even Vidocq hopes..but..
there are no Thunderbolt chips to be used for ...
so Thunderbolt's market hangs...and its not fair..
i'm a little bit sick of all this Intel's embargos
...started with Nvidia,then with Thunderbolt
now with the Ivy Bridge's avalaibility...
which apparently is slowing down even new Macs arrive..
am i wrong?
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