Thunderbolt caught in squeeze btw consumer & enterprise

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    Hi Mac'ers,

    as old Mac Pro (cMP) user I lament the shift of new Mac Pro (nMP) to ThunderBolt expansion.

    The reason for this is while ThunderBolt seems impressive, I fail to see what problem it is really solving...

    DisplayPort via ThunderBolt - as cMP owner my existing displays are all DVI, for 4K display Apple has no product, but I do have 4K TV with HDMI port. If I am going to invest in dedicated 4K display, I will need HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort. As owner of MacBook Pro that I regularly use to present with, I have yet to walk into conference room that has Thunderbolt plug... All conference facilaties are either VGA, HDMI or larger DisplayPort plugs.

    4K Display - Apple does not sell a 4K display, so if I want to get 4K display from either my MacBook Pro or Mac Pro Nvidia Titan , I use HDMI port...

    Disk expansion - their are a small number of SMB ThunderBolt storage devices, but these are direct connect solution when the major driver for external storage is to support sharing.... better answer is to use Ethernet / NAS which is available from vast number of vendors and is more flexible. 1GB to slow then you can create aggregate links or upgrade to 10Gb Ethernet via PCIe expansion bus.

    10Gb Ethernet - available via a ThunderBolt / Ehernet Bridge which is expensive and unwieldy or via number of vendors with PCIe card for cMP. nMP should have had 10Gbe off the mother board.

    Fibre Channel - again available via ThunderBolt / Ethernet Bridge or from Apple or other vendor as PCIe card for cMP

    So what exactly is the Thunderbolt value proposition....

    On Consumer side it is already trying to compete against many better alternatives and likely will be supplanted by USB-C.
    On Enterprise side 10Gbe and 12Gb/sec SAS are future of storage market and HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort provide high and low end monitor support.

    So stuffing a plethora of connection options into a single set of wires sounds nice, but it does not solve any real world problems.

    The only time I have used a ThunderBolt port is to plug in an adaptor for something else...

    RIP ThunderBolt ....


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