Thunderbolt Display for rMBP?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by bkar89, Jul 30, 2012.

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    From 2009 towards the release of the rMBP i used a 13" low spec MPB. I had a windows box on the side, a beast at the time, q9650@3ghz and 2xGTX285's in SLI and two samsung BW2443 screens (24")

    That is some screen real-estate...

    But then they decided to release the money grabbing eye candy that is the rMBP... i was sold

    the old windows box still pulls it weight... and i'll put my money on the 285's rather than the 650m in a fight. The CPU on the other hand... in geekbench the rMBP scored over twice as much as the q9650(stock clocks).

    The windows box is running on DDR2 ram, the gpus dont supprt DX11 (not a biggie till kepler came around)

    I sort of promised my self when getting the rMBP, was that i would not spend any more money on the windows box.

    So what i'm looking at here... tossing the windows box out of the window for good. And get the Thunderbolt Display and use the rMBP as my main computer.

    Should i buy the Thunderbolt Display, or a couple of DVI to mini displayport and use the existing screens?

    my pros & cons:

    + I have USB speakers (bose companion 5)

    + I already have a WD thundbolt Duo my book, that i can hook up to the thunderbol display

    + I get GigE and more USB ports

    + The panel itself is ALOT better, the crappy TN panels in the samsung screens doesn't put up much of a fight against a IPS panel

    + Dual screen is kind of a hassle

    + I do watch a lot of 1080p movies and television, the 16:9 aspect will be more suitable than the 16:10 in my current screen

    - I'm not a Professional in any way this screen is aiming at (i dont use photoshop, i don't use AutoCAD... i do the occasional .raw editing in Aperture)

    - I do loose some screen real-estate

    - I can't keep the windows box for some light gaming, because the Thunderbolt Display wont work on a PC without Thunderbolt.

    - Keeping the old screens would save the cash.

    So yeah, im more than a bit torn. I'm at least going to wait till the imacs are refreshed, to see if the display gets an update or not.

    I can't be the only rMBP owner who is considering or already bought the Thunderbolt screen for similar purposes...

    I'd apriciate any input on the matter :)
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    Hmm, I'm not sure if you can use the Thunderbolt port to connect to a Mini-Display monitor. If so, then the old Apple Cinema 27" Display would work perfectly instead of the Thunderbolt Display. Plus you would also be able to connect it to your PC.

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