Thunderbolt display LCD replacement

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by 2kallday, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Jul 14, 2014

    My thunderbolt display has a strange problem where the longest it will stay on is 30-40 minutes before shutting off. Sometimes it won't even last that long or start up at all.
    Apple identified this as the LCD panel. I believe I can replace the LCD myself but am unsure about which OEM LG screen I can use. I know that the 27'' iMac and the thunderbolt display use the same LCD panel but they seem to be different sub models. Also with the iMacs the replacement panels control board must be swapped out with the original panels control board so that a certain connector will work. What I am asking is if I LM27WQ1-SDB3 or other screens found in the thunderbolt display can be replaced with the older LM27WQ1-SDA2 and same way newer iMacs can be.

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    Just a side note, my Thunderbolt Display did the same - not turning on, going dim, and only working for about half an hour before shutting off.

    It was out of warranty, but under the laws/consumer guidelines in the UK, Apple replaced the LCD free of charge. But the same thing happened again, so... they replaced the LCD again :rolleyes:

    Of course, that didn't fix it either, so they eventually just gave me a brand new unit.

    Just saying that it may not be the LCD - and I wouldn't necessarily trust Apple's diagnosis.
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    Unfortunately, I'm not aware of such good consumer protection laws here in the great white north. I'm pretty sure it is either the LCD panel itself or more likely the control board, as the power supply and thunderbolt cable have already been replaced by apple. As for not trusting their diagnostics, I don't really have another option.

    Any further input on this satiation would be greatly appreciated.


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