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    So I'm looking to upgrade my external storage set up. I'm currently using two 3TB drives in a couple of older ESATA enclosures connected over usb 3.0. I saw that OWC had both the Lacie Esata hub and the Mercury Elite Pro Thunderbolt enclosure on sale. With the Lacie hub I could connect both drives to the mac over thunderbolt, or I could remove the drives from the enclosures that they are in now and put them in the Elite pro. I'm swaying towards the Elite pro because that would reduce the clutter on my desk. If I do go with the Elite Pro I would just set it up as JOBD for the time being until I get around to setting up the RAID. Another reason for upgrading is the enclosures I have now are loud due to the fans in them and its getting to be a little annoying. Any suggestions?
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