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Jun 5, 2013
Just wondering if anyone else has the gear available to duplicate my test - I'm trying to get my 2012 Mac Mini to connect to my 2019 Mac Pro via Thunderbolt (Mini -> TB2 cable -> Apple TB2>TB3 Adapter -> Mac Pro, and as long as the cable is connected and the Mini is powered up (even asleep), the Mac Pro can't successfully enter sleep.

Symptom is it gets partway there, mouse lights go out after about 40-50 seconds, which is usually when sleep kicks in, but then it spikes power use, mouse lights come back up, the Highpoint's fan spins up momentarily as it does for any wake event, screens stay black, and it stays in that loop re-waking every 40 seconds or so until I intervene.

Unplugging the Thunderbolt cable, Sleep happens straight away.
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