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    Hey gang,

    So your looking for an inexpensive Thunderbolt external drive. You want to utilize the impressive data transfer rates of your TB ports but don't need to drop the change for something too crazy. Perhaps you just want a way to easily connect to those spare HD's just laying about and access some files or fdisk them or whatever. Well your in luck.

    TADA: [​IMG]

    What we have here is a thunderbolt adapter by Seagate (hold your thoughts about Seagate, i have my own too... XD ). NOT A HARDDRIVE!!! THIS IS JUST A SATA TO THUNDERBOLT ADAPTER!!! It is cheap, $99.00 in Apple Store, you can use it to connect to any naked HD and have instant Thunderbolt transfer speeds, and it works on most SATA drives.

    Here's the link to the manufacture page:

    You can get the TB drive that Seagate makes as well but that is not mandatory. If your looking for the absolute cheapest and most flexible Thunderbolt option going, I suggest you give this a thought. It is nice to have just to quickly jam in a HD and do some fast maintenance or whatever.

    Njoy :)
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