Thunderbolt Port does not Recognise HDMI TV


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Aug 29, 2011

I have a MBA 13 2011
When I connect the thunderbolt port to HDMI port of my TV the MBA screen flickers but it does not recognise the TV attached.
I have the latest OS X 10.11.5
The thunderbolt port version is : Port Micro Firmware Version:2.1.3
Could someone help me as to what I am doing wrong
Thank you


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Feb 21, 2012
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Never had any problems connecting my 2011 13" MBA with a Best Buy HDMI adapter, I used it with 3 different TV's. Using the same one on my 2013 MBA with no problems also.

However there have been several threads about problems with HDMI adapters here in the forum. I agree that it would help to try another adapter. If you don't have another adapter, try using the same one with a different TV. That might help localize the problem.


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Sep 20, 2015
The port needs to connect . It cant be an adapter problem because they dont make adapters for that port . Its a wire you need that you dont own just yet .

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