Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter - How Do You Use it?


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Dec 5, 2009
How the heck do you use the thunderbolt to firewire adapter? I thought I could jsut plug in into my macbook pro and my mac pro and transfer files but when I do that is uses wifi. If I turn wifi off, it wont transfer anything.

I put it in target disc mode (hold T while restarting) but that does not seem to be thew right way to do it.



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Jan 6, 2002
To transfer files via FireWire, you have two choices. Target Disk Mode will basically turn your computer into an external hard drive over FireWire/Thunderbolt. To use that properly, I would put your Mac Pro into Target Disk Mode (hold T at startup), and the drive(s) from that computer will mount on the desktop of your MBP.

You can also instead use IP-over-FireWire. To do that, go into System Preferences on each Mac, open Network, and add a new interface (the plus button at the bottom left). From the Interface drop-down, choose FireWire (you should have the adaptor plugged into your MBP when you do this, and it may say Thunderbolt-FireWire adaptor or something similar). Then, your computers will connect to each other over FireWire via file sharing, and should appear in the sidebar in the Finder. Only trick is if there is another network connection available which has priority over FireWire, it will default to that. To fix that, click the gear icon in Network Preferences, choose Set Service Order…, and move FireWire to the top of the list.



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Mar 11, 2009
I always intended to read up about firewire network option, but never got round to it, thanks Mal for the reminder and an excellent summary of its use!