Thunderbolt update 1.2 with Mavericks?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by raptor402, Jan 16, 2014.

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    Hello, forum

    I recently killed my father's mid-2012 15" rMBP running Mountain Lion (10.8.2) by unwittingly installing the Thunderbolt Update 1.2. <this issue>

    I have since backed up the data using an HFS+ formatted HDD and the cp -R command in the terminal (using the recovery), and done a fresh install of Mavericks.

    Now, the 1.2 update is still available in the App Store. Should I risk installing it just for the heck of getting rid of the persistent notification (the thunderbolt port isn't being used at all) or should I play it safe and live with the notification?

    Thank you.


    TL;DR: Installing the thunderbolt update 1.2 on 10.8.2 screwed up the OS. Should I attempt installing it on a fresh install of Mavericks?
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    From reading that article it looks like the problem was only with the original 1.2 version that Apple pulled, and they have released a newer 1.2.1 version that does have this bug. Is 1.2.1 what you are seeing in updates? If so, you should be good to apply it. I would make a good Time Machine backup first just to be safe though.

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