Thurrott: Sony Network Walkman is abysmal, get 'near perfect' Apple iPod shuffle inst

Discussion in 'iPod' started by taeclee99, Jul 27, 2005.

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    Thurrott looks at Sony's "horribly named Network Walkman Digital Music Player NW-E500 series" and writes, "Without understanding the limitations of the Sony Network Walkman, you might see its razzle-dazzle display and assume the iPod had finally met its match. Don't be confused. The overall user experience of the Sony Network Walkman is abysmal. For the time being, at least, Apple has nothing to fear. My advice is to stick with the surprisingly affordable iPod shuffle—which is near perfect, in my opinion—or check out a Creative MuVo if you absolutely must have a screen.

    Seems kinda strange that Paul is so pro-apple these days.
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    I don't give Turdott "Lee time" anymore because every time you visit his site(s), he gets $$$ and/or clout from the advertisers which only leads to more drivel (incendiary or passive).

    I felt that Kelby pegged Turdott dead-center in "Macintosh - The Naked Truth" when he wrote about "PC users who pretend to be Mac users".

    Interestingly, Turdott scathingly reviewed the book on Amazon but his review no longer shows up although there are references to his review in the comments of others e.g.:

    Seems like there is either some serious back-peddling or serious possum-playing going on right now...

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