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    Apple agrees to ship one unit per order to which the owner is eligible for education discount at a price TWD 19900.


    At this time ,apple still did not response after 72hours

    Apple Store Taiwan seemed to announce a big discount on its website last Friday. Customers could buy Mac Mini Server with lower price but an additional 4G Ram, which was anticipated to cost more, for the whole business day.

    The price of Mac Mini Server with 4G Ram was marked as NT$36,900 (US$1,154), and with additional NT$14,280 (US$446) upgraded to Mac Mini Server with 8G Ram. While clicking on the upgrade option, the price for the shopping cart was NT$19,900 (US$ 622), which attracted many orders from the internet until the promotion-like price being ended that evening.

    The whole purchase process on web was available for more than 18 hours during business time, which was too hard to believe the price is just a mistake made by Apple Store. “If it is just a mistake from Apple, the company should have corrected it and announced the problem as soon as possible; however, Apple Store seems to have no actions on it and now is still on business day, thus, I think it is indeed a good chance to place my order for the promotion price, and it really works”, said one customer.

    Whether the price is a pure marketing strategy or merely a mistake from Apple Website has not been proved by Apple until now. However, many customers have found that their orders have been changed without notice from the Apple Store. With the same order number, the item name has been changed to MAC Mini CTO and the price has been replaced to NT$47,710 (US$1,491), which is much more expensive than the original order shown at the screen when users confirmed their orders on the web.

    The Mac Mini Price up in the air has appealed many discussions on the internet and raised many challenging issues on E-Commerce. “I really want to know how Apple put the cat back in the bag”, many people said. Dell has been under similar situation and announced it as a mistake. Now the attitude from Apple and following possible consumer dispute are highly concerned by the public.


    Repost :

    iReport — With respect to the consumer dispute on the price of Mac Mini Server on Apple Store and the action of manipulating orders without noticing its customers, Apple was invited, but absent on the meeting hold by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Consumer Protection Commission of Taiwan, R.O.C. on July, 26.

    The Apple Store has announced a huge discount price on its Mac Mini Server with 8G Ram, which is cheaper than that with 4G Ram, when customers placed their orders on shopping cart and checked out. A few hours later, the order has been replaced to another item name with a different price, which cost much more than the order the customer confirmed on the web site, and Apple still hasn’t make any official announcement on why they did it.

    Some customers regard the discount price as a big gift by Apple as regional promotion, while others take it as merely some mistakes made by the system. However, for those who made their orders are eager to know the fulfillment of their shipment and their banking credit, and some of them are angry about the silence of Apple.

    About 200,000 orders are waiting for an answer and Apple Taiwan has been requested by the local government to give clear explanation by the evening of July 27.


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    I don't know what the terms say for your country's Apple Store, but in the US, they say:

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    true but once the money has been taken or authorisation request passed then a contract is deemed to have been formed, that contract MUST be at the agreed price.
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    Agree, too. I think Apple only reserves the right to correct pricing errors BEFORE a contract is made, not AFTER.

    We hope to have this news spread throughout the Mac community and have the U.S. headquarter aware!
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    Feb 28, 2006
  7. archipellago macrumors 65816

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    don't you think however that it speaks volumes for the company and its ethical philosophy that they have changed the orders 'behind peoples back' ?

    i.e. not contacted their loyal customers first??
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    Feb 28, 2006
    Speaks volumes? No. I don't think they should've changed the orders behind people's backs. I think they should've cancelled all the orders and apologized for the error.

    I'm guessing this was a bad decision by the Taiwan store manager and not a general corporate decision, so it doesn't "speak volumes to me".

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