TiBook making weird noise.


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I have a 667mhz titanium powerbook that i have owned from new, and this morning, whenever I move the screen back, it makes a really odd 'wwwweeeeeoooooooooooooo' noise, and the noise continues for as long as you push the display back. This noise comes from the speakers is not affected by volume controls or if you plug headphones in, but it does come from the speakers. Recently I put a new 7200 rpm hard drive in there, could it be the extra heat corrupting the computer??? I really don't know what to do.:confused: :confused: :confused:


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Jan 22, 2003
In your head.
Before you flip out about your new drive, check it's SMART status in the DiskUtility. The 7200 drive may actually be more efficient. I compared the specks of my 4200 drive and my 5400 drive and the 5400 ran cooler, was more power efficient, and had 4 more megs of buffer memory. While the drive creates heat, your problem may actually be with something broken inside the computer. What I am trying to point out is that the 7200 drive may not actualy be much more thermaly inefficent. If you have SMART warnings, then the drive is going south.

It likely isn't the speakers, but the biscuit fan being pressed against something. Otherwise it could be a bare cable grounding out and causing a noise in the speakers.

In any case, back your stuff up. Clone your drive to a in-expensive firewire drive. Search the forums for cloning.