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Apr 12, 2004
I just was introduced to Tiddler Wiki and am completely taken by how cool this thing is!
I, like many others, am starting to use the advice in GTD by David Allen to organize life.
I checked many other programs (Curio, StickyBrain, CP Notebook, OmniOutliner 3) and have come to the conclusion that Tiddler Wiki is the best fit for me. Although, I must admit that OO3 really has my attention as well.

Anyway, I would love to hear other people's experience with TiddlerWiki, especially if you are a GTD convert like myself. I browsed a few different styles online, but was wondering if anyone knows a good resource to view many style and layouts for it, as the standard version is incredibly ugly.

Regarding OO3, if anyone is using this and can point me in the direction of some tutorials or reviews of how it has helped them, please respond.



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Jan 5, 2004
Perth, Western Australia
TiddlyWiki is a beautiful wiki, written in javascript, and contained in a single html file. I stopped using it because it reports a javascript error in IE (windows - it is intended to be used with firefox though). I really liked the off-shoot GTDTiddlyWiki, but haven't found an update to correct the javascript error (which was being caused by uppercase DIV tags and id's without quote marks. grrrr)