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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by RageOnymous, May 26, 2013.

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    May 22, 2013
    Hello dear MacRumors-users!

    I am pretty new to mac. I just bought me after a long time of pondering the new MacBook Pro 13''. Now I am using it about a month and i am in love with it! It is in my eyes the best laptop which is actually on the market.
    I have to add that I am not native English, I am German and I try my best right here with my moderate school-English, so good luck reading on it. ;)

    Even though I am in love with the mac, I don't like all the Apple-programs on it. For example I hate the mac-music-player iTunes..! With my few 128 GB storage I reasoned that it would be best just uploading all my music to Google, and after that and a few weeks using Google-Music, I can't live without it anymore. So I am listening music on my Mac via my favorite browser Chrome on the website of Google-Music, and thanks to the Programm "Unity Music Media Keys" I can control the online music-player easily with my onboard media keys.
    Everything works fine just now, but I recently bought me a new bluetooth speaker called "Tifi Beat Box", so I can listen to music with my mac everywhere.
    But there is just one tiny problem, I want to ask you experienced mac users about: When I want to control the mac remotely with the onboard media keys of the bluetooth speaker it won't work with Google Music. Always it wants to start iTunes and wont work with anything else, even though the keys on the mac keyboard work with other programs.

    So my final question is: Is there a way to change the remote media key function of the speaker, that it will work with a program like Google Music?

    I hope you understand my problem, and can show me a way to fix it. I already did look on other websites about it, but I didn't find a comparable problem.

    Greetings from Germany!! :) Till

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