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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by comda, Nov 10, 2015.

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    I own a Emac G4 1.42GHz,1Gb of ram, 80GB hard drive. Ever since i replaced the drive the system seems more sluggish then it did with the bad drive. Maybe another dud. I dont know. This ones louder and annoying maybe thats giving me the feeling. Anyways in general even on this leopard seems sluggish versus Tiger flies. SO im wondering, if i install Tiger will my WPA2 Connection still connect to this emac? Im debating back and forth if i should sell it as its not one of my favourite machines.. sorry guys.
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    10.4.11 is fine with WPA2, or at least with the Airport Extreme card in that machine.
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    Mar 15, 2011
    Thats good to hear. Im not really using it but but for the next owner want to make it fast and usable. Whatever card it has it connects to my new Netgear Nighthawk router via WPA2. Thanks Buns
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    This might be an obvious step, but in case you can do it and forgot. Do you have another drive you can test? And now a stupid question: it is very unlikely the brand, I know, but I notice that I had problems with several Seagate and Samsung drives in the range from 80GB-160GB in a PowerMac G4 AGP, while 20, 30 and 40GB Seagates worked. If you have a WD or Hitachi to test, I would go with that one. Of course this doesn't say that it is not the drive being bad.
    Did you do certain tests on the drive? You can read the SMART-data of the drive with Volitan SMART utility for free for a certain time, after that you will have to enter a code that you can buy. If the drive is ok, let disk utility write zeros 2 times on it and test SMART again and see if there are any problems.

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