Tiger install on G3 blue & white tower? HELP!


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Jan 28, 2005
SUBJECT A> 400Mhz G3 Yosemite Blue & White Tower

SUBJECT B> an Apple Tiger DVD

NOW, after i bought it... found out that blue & white G3 towers
do not Firewire Target Disk Mode but are supported and do run Tiger.

I've got a eMac & Powerbook with DVD drives and assumed i could
Firewire Target Disk Mode to the G3 but this does not work.

Trying to install Tiger on this thing, yes,..i could send away to Apple
for the $ 10 CD versions.

Any ideas out there? i've read alot of threads on sites but have not found the workaround yet.

PS> in case you know how to get Tiger on a blueberry ibook,
blueberrys are NOT supported for Tiger, but does anyone have a work around
other than the obvious ordering $10 CD versions from Apple.


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Mar 6, 2005
First of all to even install tiger you need 256mb RAM as a minimum....As for a workaround with your blueberry ibook there isnt one apart from getting the CD's.....

The B&W G3 on the other hand has options, the only one i have found being to install a Pioneer DVR-109 and boot from it as it is bootable, bamsiclally your only option for the B&W is to install a bootable DVD drive and boot from it....



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Jul 16, 2002
Charlotte, NC
Firewire DVD drive?

Probably already though of it, but do you know anyone with a firewire DVD drive who would let you borrow it for a couple hours?


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Mar 20, 2005
msbsound said:
Probably already though of it, but do you know anyone with a firewire DVD drive who would let you borrow it for a couple hours?
Or buy one and then return it. :eek:


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Jan 9, 2002
Kellogg IA
B&W G3 towers don't support firewire booting.... I know, i have one and an external drive. I took my drive out, put it in a firewire case, installed the os from an ibook i connected the case to, then popped it back in my tower. Was a tedious process but it was free vs. 10 bucks.


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Because you will want a DVD drive in your G3 tower (for watching movies, burning movies, burning back up discs, and loading new software), I say you should get on ebay and get one of the Pioneer Superdrives mentioned above by model number. Expect to pay about $40 plus shipping. If you choose the CDs, you are out $10 plus shipping. So, for about $35 more than the CDs, you have a working DVD superdrive. Seems like alot for a little, doesn't it?

[Just such a drive is on my short list of future acquisitions]
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