Tiger OS: How to boot up using 2.5 HDD

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by wwjd82, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. wwjd82 macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2008
    Any one know how to do the boot up mention above?
  2. spinnerlys Guest


    Sep 7, 2008
    forlod bygningen
    If you could be a bit more specific, that would be helpful.

    Is the 2.5 drive internal or external, is it P-ATA or S-ATA, is it SSD or HDD?

    With what machine shall it be used?
  3. oneEG6 macrumors member

    Dec 29, 2008
    I assume it's an external drive... do you have it loaded with an OS yet?
  4. wwjd82 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2008
    Yes. It is an external drive. It was suppose to a spare harddisk. I haven't install OS yet. How do i do that?
  5. oneEG6 macrumors member

    Dec 29, 2008
    What disc do you have? Leopard? Tiger? Either way you can connect the Hard Drive, insert the disc into the machine and reboot the machine while holding down the "C" key.

    You'll come to the language select screen, choose yours. From that next page you may want to format the external (erase it all) using the utilities menu at the top, and disk utility. Select your external HD and choose erase, if it's an Intel machine make sure the formatting is GUID. APM will work also but is for PPC machines.

    quit Disk Utility, continue with the install disc, as per the instructions. on the install location page select your external hard drive, continue with the install.

    When it's done you should be able to boot to it using your "option" key as soon as your Mac powers on. Don't forget your updates. ;)

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