Tiger: Output Volume always reset to max after restart

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by for this, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. for this, Jan 28, 2016
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    I remember that there is an annoying issue when using Tiger (10.4.11) from a HDD that doesn't not originally come with the Mac, i.e., not an Apple-branded hard drive. But I have forgotten what it is, until now.

    The issue is the "Output Volume" in the Sound pane will always reset to maximum after restart/shutdown. No matter where you drag the slider to, it won't stay there after restart/shutdown if the HDD it boots from is not Apple-branded.

    Output Volume.jpg

    When the boot drive is an Apple-branded, the slider stays where it was.

    Has anyone experienced this issue?

    PS. Leopard doesn't have this problem.

    Update: Only happens with my MDD, my iBook G3 doesn't exhibit the issue...
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    Yeah my G4 DA - also running 10.4.11 - doesn't have this issue and it definitely uses a non-apple hdd (a 120 gb WD drive).
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    Long ago I solved this issue by using this little app.
    Sometimes the volume would behave at startup, but mostly it would start full volume.
    Using this app keeps it constant just how you like it.
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    Yes, PRAM reset doesn't solve it. I've tried removing USB card, SCSI card, leaving only the SATA card in because the boot drive is connected to it and I have had this problem since before I got a SATA drive. There is also no Login Item.

    Thanks for the info. So it might happen only with my MDD.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I think I don't need it though. Leopard is the main OS for this Mac, I rarely boot into Tiger and the Mute button works most of the time. I just asked out of curiosity. Do you also have the issue?

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