Tiger to Leopard, two users

Discussion in 'macOS' started by samwise, May 13, 2008.

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    Not sure if my searching isn't up to snuff, but can't tell if this has been asked already.

    I have a Mini with only 5gb free on the 60gb HD, and have bought Leopard to upgrade from Tiger. There's an Administrator user and two normal users on the system currently.

    I have SuperDuper'd the hard drive to an external FW drive, and am currently also doing an iBackup to a different partition on the external HD. Once my login has finished iBackup, I'll do it on my roomie's user area.

    I want to do an Erase and Install in the hope that I'll gain a little bit of room back (omitting languages, some printer drivers etc), to tide me through to buying an iMac at the end of the summer.

    When I do the Erase & Install, do I want the external FW drive attached or unattached to the Mini? I want to use Migration Assistant to transfer docs etc back onto the Mini's HD once up and running.

    If it doesn't matter, do I just create the Administrator user to start with, under the same name and password as the Tiger version? Will Migration Assistant copy in the two normal users profiles etc from the SuperDuper backup?

    Forgive the questions, but I'm too used to doing it at work on XP (format, load XP SP2, add administrator, do all 100+ updates :rolleyes:, add user, re-add programs, off and running), and I'm not sure how it compares in OS X.
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    Mar 28, 2008
    I don't exactly know the answer to your question, but I doubt 5GB is going to be enough for an upgrade to Leopard. Leopard is quite a bit bigger than Tiger.

    You shouldn't have your HDD more than 80% full anyway. If you do, then your system won't be able to defrag, and you'll lose performance.

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