Tiger won't install on my Mac

Discussion in 'macOS' started by ll PiStoNs ll, Sep 28, 2007.

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    Aug 5, 2007
    Ok so by dad's work uses all apple products and computers and he can pretty much bring home (if we break a keyboard he brings a new one home, mice, software, etc..) because his job keeps a steady supply of these things.
    He brought home a Tiger family install pack thing that has been used twice (it comes with 5 installs)
    So we used one on his ibook and it worked, but now when i try to install it on our eMac it recognises the disk and the software comes up and loads, then it has you click on restart to begin the application. When I do, the apple logo appears, then the screen just freezes and it shows a screen full of text that is over lapping other text and is hard to read (its in english though)

    And ive restarted every time, holding down the key that the disk said to hold down (i think it was c)?

    But I remember one part of the screen said 'missing drivers' or something... do i need to download something for it to work??

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    You've just experienced a kernel panic. This can be caused by any number of things - one of the most common is bad RAM, though I suspect that this is NOT your issue. Does the eMac meet the official system requirements for Tiger? Also, have you had problems before with the eMac's optical drive? If not, check the disc - it may be damaged or dirty.
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    If its an emac then it is. I would just repeat the install. Perhaps clean the disk.
  4. nigrunze macrumors regular

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    2 ways to do this.

    There's 2 ways to get to the Tiger installation.

    (I think I'm right about the first one.)
    1) The first way is to go into OSX, click on the disc, and launch the "Install Mac OS X" app. That should ask you if you want to restart the computer to install Tiger. Clicking Yes will restart into the setup. I'm pretty sure you don't need to hold C.

    2) With the CD/DVD already in your drive, start up or restart(if it's already on) your computer. Hold C after(or even during) the bong but before the spinning load icon appears.
    An alternative to 2) is similar. Instead of holding C, hold option(alt). This'll make the boot loader appear. Choose the CD/DVD and press enter. Note that with this method you can eject or insert a disc once the boot loader has appeared. It's a nice time saver if your computer was off and you want to go straight to the installation but the install disc wasn't in the drive.

    Unlike when installing Windows, both of these methods go to the exact same installation.

    Have you tried repairing permissions or even checking the disk with Disk Utility. If not and the kernel panics keep coming up, I'd suggest giving that a shot.
    Hopefully you don't get anymore kernel panics and are able to install Tiger.

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