Tim Cook Joins Weibo as iPhone Sales Remain Strong in China

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    Apple CEO Tim Cook has expanded his social media presence by creating an account on Chinese microblogging service Weibo, where he has already accumulated over 325,000 followers as of writing. Cook's first post on Weibo reflects on his current visit to Beijing to announce new environmental initiatives in China, including a new multi-year forestland program in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund.

    "Hello China! Happy to be back in Beijing, announcing innovative new environmental programs," wrote Cook, followed by a Chinese translation of the same message. Last month, Apple announced a partnership with SunPower Corporation to build two 20-megawatt solar power plants that will provide more than enough energy to power all of Apple's corporate offices and retail stores in China.

    Coinciding with Cook's visit to China this week, market research firm IDC has released new data for the smartphone market that reveals Apple was the largest smartphone vendor in China during the first quarter of 2015. Apple shipped 14.5 million smartphones in China during the quarter for 14.7% market share, while Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi trailed in second with 13.5 million shipments and 13.7% market share.

    Huawei, Samsung and Lenovo rounded off the top five smartphone vendors in China during the first quarter, although IDC notes that each vendor's rankings often change quickly due to the volatility of consumer brand preference in China. Samsung and Lenovo, for example, both led the market at least once last year, but ranked fourth and fifth in the first quarter respectively.
    With an estimated 1.4 billion people and growing, China is the world's most populous country and over three times larger than the United States, which has an estimated population of 320 million people. China is an increasingly important market for Apple, given that the country had higher iPhone sales than the United States for the first time ever during the most recent quarter.

    Article Link: Tim Cook Joins Weibo as iPhone Sales Remain Strong in China
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    Wow! I'm amazed how similar Weibo looks to Twitter. Even the Social Networks are knocked off.
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    Percentage wise that market looks well balanced, with no one manufacturer dominating. Should help keep them all on their toes.
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    He should get someone to translate it, I haven't ever seen an English post on Weibo


    Most social networks are similar.. Ello, Tumblr and others have similar layouts. Don't just single this out because its Chinese and we are known for knock offs. That's racist. A blatant copy i.e. the HDC Galaxys Note of the Note 4 is what you are looking for.
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    They did, there's a translation straight after it.

    No implication whatsoever of racism with the OP's comment. Don't worry :)
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    Really? Calling someone a racist because of that comment? There are many more similarities than you would care to admit. Check out Ello and Tumblr more closely, then compare Weibo and Twitter.
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    320*3 = 960 million
    320*4 = 1.28 billion
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    Happens in various places like that. There's a Russian social networking site VK that's pretty much almost a carbon copy of Facebook (or at least it was).
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    To add to your comment, I think this happens a lot in emerging economies. China and Russia are both growing rapidly. This also happened to Japan back in the 50's when its economy was booming. I think with emerging markets, its hard to innovate without imitating first. It's like a write of passage to becoming first world. Not saying its ok to completely rip of other companies. I personally think its horrible that these countries allow it, but you cannot argue with history and facts.
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    Not surprised to see how fast Samsung is falling. Almost 50% of the people I met had Samsungs when I went 3 years ago. Recently all I see is Xiaomis and iPhones (and of course people with older Samsung phones.)
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    Sorrrry, I was in a bad mood when I posted that comment.. Its not racist :p
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    4 times is over 3 times, just as the article states.

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