time capsual ???


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Dec 25, 2011
hi was wondering if i need a time capsual or is there something else i could backup with.:confused:
had my first 27" imac for about 3 weeks and was going to back up my files but didnt know you needed something to send it too...i have a lot of photos and some files that i dont want to lose...
i wouldnt need much space so think the capsuals are way to big for me.
im new to all this mac stuff so im a bit dumb.....:eek:
any help would be appreciated...
thx steve.


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May 16, 2008
You can use any external drive for backups, such as those from OWC. It doesn't have to be a Time Capsule. You can use Time Machine or SuperDuper for backups, or my best recommendation, Carbon Copy Cloner.


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Feb 10, 2008
You can back up to any external hard drive. Check out the GoFlex Home series for another brand of external drives that will connect to your home network. Thinking of getting the 2 TB myself.


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Mar 5, 2011
I backup to a 2TB Western Digital hard drive using Time Machine. It was like $75 when I bought it last year.

I also backup important documents to Dropbox (8GB) and other assorted files (pictures, videos, etc) to my box.com (50GB) account.

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Jan 7, 2003
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FYI, the naming Apple used is confusing.

Time Machine is the built-in program that creates backups. It requires some external device to put the backups on.

Time Capsule is one external device for storing those backups.

As others have mentioned, any external hard drive is suitable (although some may be more suitable than others). A Time Capsule is a good choice (but not necessarily the best) if you also need a router, want to back up wirelessly, or have multiple computers that you want to back up.

Since you have a desktop, the easiest solution is probably an external hard drive connected to your computer using Firewire or USB.


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Dec 25, 2011
you have pointed me in the right direction.
thx for your replies.