Time Capsule - a few quick questions from a networking idiot!


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Jul 11, 2008

I have a Time Capsule and a MacBook Air.

1. I want to store all my music on the TC (about 120gb worth) and then stream it either by ethernet or preferably, reliably over Wi-Fi to my MBA. Is this possible? when i re-import all my music to iTunes on my MBA from the TC (obviously not copying it) it crashes everytime! :mad:

2. Will i still be able to connect to the Wi-Fi internet connection from my MBA whilst listening (streaming music) from the TC (TC is currently extending my current wireless connection)

3. Can i access my TC from my MBA abroad (e.g. when i am sitting on deck chair can i access my work and play my music over the internet?

4. Any issues i may have or you can warn me about lol! :D

Thanks in advance


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Oct 14, 2005
#1 Is your music already in an iTunes library somewhere? If so, move the whole iTunes Library folder to your TC. When its done moving, on your MBA, hold down the option key as you start iTunes and it should give you the ability to choose a library. Browse to where your iTunes folder is on the TC and iTunes should be good to go.

#2 If your TC is extending your existing network, then there should only be one wireless network in your location. You shouldn't have a problem using the wireless network to stream iTunes + do other things like surf the web.

#3 It is possible to connect to your TC when you're away from your location, but I've never done it so sit tight and someone who has should reply.