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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by chirho412, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Jan 9, 2009
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    Hi all,
    I just bought a 1TB Time Capsule to create my own little network in the youth room at my church. We have two laptops and a desktop that we are trying to make work together. Because the desktop is a G4 and doesn't have Airport (yet), the Time Capsule is sitting in the middle of the youth area, away from any cables, while the Airport Extreme (old bubble type) is in my office hooked to the internet.

    I know that I cannot achieve "n" speeds with the weak link of the old AE, and that is not really my concern. What I am wondering is if I set up the TC to join the network, then will it extend my wireless network? Also, the two laptops are behaving in almost the exact opposite way that I would expect. The MacBook, with no "n" capability backed up fairly quickly to the TC, but the MacBook Pro, with "N" capability has taken 4 days to back up less than 40 GB (leaving 130 to go). We have a lot of video, which is why the Pro has such a full harddrive.

    I guess I am really interested in hearing how I might make this whole operation more streamlined, and what I can do to make this work more effeciently. I have ordered an old airport card from eBay, so the G4 will soon join in this fracas, providing it communicates. Thanks for your help!
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    You could set up wds between the time capsule and the bubble airport extreme (not sure if it supports it). That would extend the wireless and also make the TC act as a wireless bridge, but this solution would halve the bandwidth of your network. It would be better if you could connect an Ethernet cable between the TC and the bubble airport extreme.

    Now for your macbook pro's slow backup, it could be due to the distance it is from the TC. I'm assuming you're running in the 2.4 ghz band and not the 5 ghz band due to the G4. You can also check your MBP's connection speed by clicking on the airport icon in the upper corner while holding alt/option.

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