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Joe King

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Mar 22, 2009
Dublin, Ireland
I usually connect to the wider world via the wireless network provided by my Time Capsule, which in turn is connected to the internet via a non-wireless ASDL modem.

A few days ago the ADSL modem gave up the ghost. I have bought a replacement but I can't get my Time Capsule to communicate with it - all I get is the blinking amber light and Airport Utility tells me there is no internet connection.

The modem is definitely working - when directly connected to my MacBook Pro via ethernet cable, I can get on to the internet no problem.

As far as I can see, the root of the problem seems to be this: my original ADSL modem had an address of, which matches the router address that appears under the Internet tab in Airport Utility.

My new modem, however, has an address of It seems to me that the Time Capsule is still pointing to the old .254 address but there seems to be no way to change this setting in Airport Utility. I am running Lion with Airport v6.3.1.

Any ideas anyone?


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May 27, 2008
Make sure you power cycle everything when you change your modem

Power modem and airport down for 10 or more seconds. Then plug them both back in.

Modems tend to only like to talk to one device at a time. And that will be decided when it powers up. So if you have your computer plugged to the modem, that will be the one device until you reset the modem.
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