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Jan 6, 2009
Colleyville, TX
We have an Apple Time Capsule, which my wife and I use when we are home. Has been very useful, and painless to use, saving us on a couple of occasions when we needed to recover some information.

A few weeks ago, my system (MacBook Pro) started getting errors about no backups for nn days, even though it reported backups occurring, and showed the 'last backup' info. Started poking around, and when I opened it, it seemed to not be connecting to the Time Capsule, so I 'reconnected' in Time Machine to my Time Capsule server. Sadly, when I did it stopped seeing the old backups, and now indicates no backups there! (sigh)

Not too concerned about backups at this point, have a recent SuperDuper image, but want the Time Machine as well. When I went to Finder to check on the disk, it still shows my 'folder' of backups, but the disk is almost full. So (finally), how do I reconnect to that backup directory, or if that is not possible, how do I delete that backup directory and start fresh with MY backups, without disturbing my wifes backups.

Any thoughts gratefully accepted.


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Jan 26, 2014
Horsens, Denmark
The tmutil command in Terminal can manipulate Time Machine backup structures. The "Machine directory" is what tells Time Machine which backup set to work against. "man tmutil" gives you the manual :)
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