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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by jameswdmb, Jun 11, 2012.

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    I am a newbie to posting and to Apple products, though a long time forum reader and a !GASP! Microsoft MCSE. I have heard mixed reviews on the Time Capsule, but am looking for a easily integrated backup solution for my Mac. The potential of central storage also interests me..... What do you recommend as current users? Is the Time Capsule reliable and and high quality like other Apple products, or do some of you recommend another backup solution?
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    That would depend if you also need a router or if you currently have one that works well.

    If you said you need a router, my suggestion is to get the Time Capsule. Just be warned that it's not advised to use the internal hard drive for both backups and file storage as they will be competing for space (and the files you manually place on the Time Capsule's hard drive will have to be manually backed up).

    If you answered no to a router, then you should look into something like the Synology DS212j. It's a two bay RAID capable full featured NAS that supports Time Machine backups out of the box. Apple will occasionally try to break this support, but Synology is good for releasing firmware that fixes it again.
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    You didn't say what kind of Mac you have.

    Desktop: Plugging in any external device is the least expensive way to do it... just leave it plugged in 24/7 and you will be fine. The only significant disadvantage is that by being directly connected to your Mac, it is susceptible to theft if your local junkie does a smash-and-grab of your computer and backup.

    Laptop: There is a huge advantage of being wireless. Personally, I like to use TC's. They work seamlessly. I've stayed away from NAS boxes for backup, because I have no desire to have to update firmware etc if/when Apple decides to change something. I want my backups to be automatic and trouble free.

    Finally... in addition to a local backup, subscribe to a cloud based service. There are several good ones. I personally think Crashplan+ is the best. It is extremely inexpensive ($3/month for unlimited data). If for no other reason... you want data automatically moved offsite in case of disaster recovery. Many people have mis-placed fears (similar to the people who kept money in a mattress)... but in reality, it would be by far the most secure of your backups.

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