Time Capsule Backup to USB?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by glennsan, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. glennsan, Feb 6, 2012
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    I may be stupid but since I switched to the new Airport firmware (6.0) I am unable to backup my Time Capsule to an external USB hard drive. At least I cannot find the option to do so. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


    PS Just realized the correct verbiage is Archive to USB. Thanks.
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    Similar, though more complex, problem here. My Time Machine backup also got de-associated or de-linked from my Mac within the last week. My case was more complex, since I had to mess with the firmware on both my Airport Express and Airport Extreme to get AirPlay/AirTunes working after an Extreme firmware update bricked it (hey, I said my issue was more complex). Anyway, I got that other problem resolved but now the Time Machine backup is stuck on February 2, the last time I did a successful TM backup. I can't seem to update it.

    My hardware configuration is a USB hard drive connected to the Airport Extreme. I googled this issue, and read second-hand reports that Apple does not now support my configuration; in other words, the supported configuration for Time Machine, other than an Apple-branded Time Capsule's preinstalled hard drive, is a USB hard drive connected directly to the Mac that's being backed up. I actually still haven't tried connecting that USB drive directly to the Mac yet, though for various reasons I'm not really expecting that to work with my existing backup, which I suspect to be sort of fried anyway. I'll report again if I learn anything new, but going forward I plan to just connect the Time Machine backup drive directly to my Mac.

    Longreply was long.

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