Time Capsule for OSX Backups AND Windows 7 NAS???

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by CrackerJackToy, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Nov 1, 2011
    Ive searched & searched. Currently I have a 2 TB Time Capsule on the way to my house from B&H. What im looking to do with the Time Capsule is fairly simple, however I cant get a clean & cut answer to whether this will work or not.

    I would like to backup my 2012 Macbook Air to the Time Capsule but this laptop will rarely see much data. I have the 128 GB model and use it primarily for school & small documents.

    The main reason why I chose a Time Capsule is to use it as a NAS, and potentially back up my photos, music, and documents from my Windows 7 laptop to the Time Capsule. I may even create backup images of my current Windows 7 computer and throw it on the time capsule as well. All in all, I have a total of maybe 350GB of data between the two laptops.

    Did I make the right decision? Is the Time Capsule going to do what I need it too here? In the end, im looking to just drag n drop to the Time Capsule from my Windows 7 computer, not to be confused with backing up directly to the TC.

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    Time Capsule is really not an ideal NAS, its more of one trick pony - used for TimeMachine backups.

    Other NAS devices offer a more generalized and more flexibility in using it. That is if you wanted to use it for Win7, then Time Capsule may not have been the best choice - sorry. Apple equipment works great when integrated into the apple ecosystem, but veer away from that and well its not as powerful as other products that offer more features
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    Nov 1, 2011
    I do have a nice Apple ecosystem, however I do not use my Mac as much as my PC. The reason why I upgraded was because it was only $100 more over the Airport Extreme. I recently needed a new router and picked up the AE from Apple. I LOVE it! But I started thinking how the TC was only $105 more so I might as well upgrade & get possible NAS storage.

    Is this confirmed, that you can not combine drag n drop storage from a Win7 computer and backup your Mac to the same TC, or just an educated guess? Thanks! :D

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