Time Capsule just wont update...

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by AdamA9, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. AdamA9 macrumors 65816

    Feb 2, 2010
    Hi Guys.

    I have an issue with my Time Capsule. It just wont update. It sticks on Preparing Backup and never actually backs up my iMac. I've not had this problem before, I have backups saved, but I've noticed recently that it's not updated for a while now.


    Does anyone know what this might be and how I can fix it?

  2. mfram macrumors 65816

    Jan 23, 2010
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    That state can stick there for a while. It's either repairing the backup image or re-scanning the filesystem because something changed. Let it go. If you stop the process or sleep the computer while it is happening, it just has to start all over. You might be able to speed it up by plugging the computer into the TC with a wire instead of letting it happen wirelessly.
  3. AdamA9 thread starter macrumors 65816

    Feb 2, 2010
    It's been there for days! I don't think it's taking a while.

    I think it's because my time capsule is full, but I cannot delete any of the back ups on the disk, how the hell am I meant to do this?

  4. Zwhaler macrumors 604


    Jun 10, 2006
    Go to Finder and under the Shared sidebar look for your Time Capsule. Connect to it, open the folder, and view your data (should be one file that looks like a disk image per computer backed up with the name of that computer). You can delete the whole backup and start over if you want, but more importantly figure out what your TC capacity looks like. There's a Time Machine setting to delete oldest backups when storage runs out. You can do that too. If anything, restart your computer, see if you can "Enter Time Machine" just to make sure it's connecting then try backing up again. Go to Disk Utility and verify & repair permissions of your Macintosh HD. Let us know if there's any progress.
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    Feb 2, 2010
    Thanks for the reply.

    The option to delete older backups is selected, there's 12mb of space left on the disk, so it's clear why it's not backing up -- my problem is that I cannot seem to delete anything from it now. I don't want to delete my most recent backups, but older ones would be nice. However, I don't seem to be able to do this and it's very frustrating.

    I'll carry on trying what you've suggested, thanks.

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