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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by joe19812, Oct 22, 2016.

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    I recently moved into a new place and had to get a new more powerful wifi router and stop using the TC wifi functions however I'm still using the TC as at the incoming network box to act as an ethernet router feeding the new wifi router. However I can't see the Time Capsule or do time machine backup when connected to wifi.
    The LAN connections are like this: incoming network box -> TC -> Asus Wifi router.
    is there a special setting I need in either the Asus router or TC to allow me to run Time Machine when connected to Asus wifi?
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    What device is doing NAT? That is the Machine that should NAT running! The machine closet to the ISP modem! All othe machines after a NAT should have NAT turned of!
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    IMO, that unnecessarily complicates things, and adds an extra hop. I'd just connect the ISP device to the Asus and then connect the TC to an Asus LAN port. Make sure the TC has DHCP turned off in the LAN settings.
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    thanks for the guidance, got it working. The Asus had to be re-configured to only be an access point then turn on DCHP/NAT on the TC. Thanks again for the tips!

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