time capsule or my existing external hd?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by maclearning, Mar 12, 2009.

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    I do like the concept of wireless routing/networking capabilities and integrated design of using Time Capsule w my new iMac 1tb HD (STILL not here yet), but am wondering if my 240gb WD HD is sufficient backup storage for the time being.

    Maybe I can just spend the $300 for 500GB Time Capsule later on? Or should I just spend the $$$ and stop my sniveling? Once my iMac is delivered, should I take it to the Apple store and have them set it up, or is the setup easy enough for a Windows refugee to handle?

    Please give me your feedback regarding this matter. Understand that I really have no wireless networking experience. Anyone whose read my previous threads will further understand that I'm currently a Mac Noob (virgin), and any elementary additional help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    OK, I will throw in my opinion here for what it is worth (not a whole lot!;)) but from reading your post, I would think that you would be best suited by starting off with just using your existing external HD as a Tme Machine backup assuming you have no need for wireless communications with other devices at the moment.

    The reason I say this is that using TM right off the bat is by far the simplest- just plug in your hard drive and TM will ask you if you want to use it as a TM backup. Done- and you now have a valid backup plan going. Eventually that will not work as the contents on your internal drive (and the TM backup incrementally) will outgrow the external you have but that will be down the road.

    With no wireless networking experience I just really think you should take the easy way out at first to make sure your stuff is backed up and that means TM. You have enough other things on your hands to get comfortable with simply using your Mac to its fullest, so why introduce another area that confuses a lot of people (wireless network configuration) right now if you have no immediate need for wireless? You can always pick up a Time Capsule later-- and in typical Apple fashion it always pays to get the current one at the time you actually need it as it may have more capability, additional features, etc. by that time.

    In the meantime, I would suggest looking into the "Take Control" series of eBooks published by TidBits which are excellent guides to all things Mac (and other things too), particularly the "Taking Control of your Airport Network" ebook which covers Time Machine, Time Capsules and Airport Extreme base stations with easy to understand info. Some other titles that may well prove helpful can be seen at the Take Control Catalog page- and no, I don't have any affiliation with them BTW! I just love the way they present a lot of very useful info in the guides.
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    Hey thanks for the input sickmacdoc.

    Your input wasn't typical Mac fanboy, and for that I am appreciative. Clear reasoning you used...Kinda goes right along with what I was thinking.

    This is going to be my 1st Mac and I want to enjoy it instead of make it another work project.

    Thanks...anyone else got any input? I think this answer was spot on, though.

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