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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by DiegoCJ, Apr 10, 2010.

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    I just bought a Time Capsule 1TB to use with my MBP but I'm having a hard time in making things the way I want them.

    I just started a new Time Machine backup with it (it's not even done yet) and I noticed a new driver appeared in my Desktop called "Time Machine Backups".

    After this driver appeared in my desktop I noticed that now I can view the partition in Disk Utility and it gives me the option to create another partition as well so I was thinking in doing 2 partitions, one for the backups and another for files that I want to share with the whole house. (see attachment picture)
    Another reason for wanting this is because Time Machine uses ALL the space available in the driver and I wanted to save at least 500Gb to my files.

    I've googled about this and many people says you can't partition TC (and some even said TC would not appear in Disk Utility, but mine did) so I'm scared that it my screw up my new TC :(

    As anyone done that? Is it safe?

    Also, is it possible to create another folder like the one "Data"? It sits there by itself in the root directory, I would like to have another folders there instead of sending everything inside the "Data" folder.

    Thanks for the help ;)

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    What you've mounted is the .sparsebundle image itself and not the actual Time Capsule disk in Disk Utility. I haven't tried partitioning it, so I would not know what it would do to your Time Machine backups. But keep in mind that anybody needing to access the data in that file - if you do decide to store data within it - will need to mount the disk image first. This may also have adverse effects on your backups. Again, I am not sure.

    You may be able to google it, but some have had success with creating a disk image of a particular size, which somehow limits Time Machine to only use that much disk space. Another thing to do would be to actually physically open up the Time Capsule, remove the HDD, seat it in an enclosure and partition it using Disk Utility. But what I would suggest, if you do intend to use it as both a Time Machine backup and as a NAS, is to get a USB HDD and attach it to the TC's USB port and use that for file sharing instead.

    Also, it's completely possible to create additional folders on the TC although I am unsure if they can be created in the root directory or if you need to create them in the Data folder itself (it's been a while since I've accessed my TC for anything other than Time Machine backups).

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