Time Capsule: Perfect backup & Media router?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by idunn, Dec 9, 2008.

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    Jan 12, 2008
    Apologies in advance if this question has been addressed specifically, although threads I've read only touch upon it and even raise new questions.

    I'm considering Time Capsule and/or another option to accomplish the following:
    1) Backup data from a MacBook.
    2) Serve as extra storage for media files.
    3) Serve as a router for media files to said MacBook and also a conventional flat screen television (probably via Apple TV).

    So, some questions:

    A) Since the MacBook would not have the capacity to act as a 2nd backup to Time Capsule, necessity of a separate external hard drive (sized same as Time Capsule) in that capacity?

    B) If separate external hard drive connected to Time Capsule, will Time Machine backup both at same time, so they mirror one another? If not, does separate external hard drive have to be backed up manually (and then Time Capsule not really so automatic)?

    C) Will files deleted from the MacBook be automatically deleted as well in Time Capsule (so that backup files reflect ONLY those on MacBook at any given time, and not just be forever added to)?

    D) Is Time Capsule really necessary? Would Time Machine be just as happy (and easy to set up) using Airport Extreme and 2 (two) separate external hard drives?

    E) Will Time Machine conflict with media files? On an unpartitioned disk (whether Time Capsule, or not) could it ever overwrite and destroy stored media files (stored only there and NOT on the MacBook)?

    F) Is Time Capsule or Airport Extreme suitable for watching video on a MacBook via WiFi? A flat screen television could presumably be hard wired, and no problem. But is it practical to expect that a movie downloaded from iTunes (or the mirror image of a DVD) would be just as accessible (like how would iTunes/DVD player find it, if not on the MacBook) and viewable (is the transfer rate really sufficient) whether the file residing only on the MacBook, or only on Time Capsule?

    G) Will Time Machine conflict with other WiFi needs? For instance, if browsing the internet or using Time Capsule as a router to watch a movie via WiFi will Time Machine wait for another time to automatically backup? Or will it insist on butting in, and myself happier backing up everything manually?

    Sorry if this seems convoluted, but I wished to touch upon specifics of a basic question. Namely, an easy way to safely backup a MacBook, and remove some movies from it (due space limitations) yet easily view them.

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    For you, probably. It's dead slow over wireless or over gigabit, but that's in relatives. For what it does it will probably work for you.
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    A) I don't quite understand this question.

    B) It won't act as one harddrive, instead, it'll be two different drives. You'll have to back up the external harddrive manually.

    C) If it's being backed up by Time Machine, then no, it'll be there in case you ever need to retrieve it. It'll eventually be deleted in time on the Time Capsule as you run out of space to backup newer things.

    D) Necessary? No. It'll work the same. It's just the luxury of having a harddrive built into the router.

    E) Not that I know of. I haven't ran into such conflicts.

    F) I've ripped many DVDs using Handbrake and placed it on my external harddrive hooked via my Time Capsule. Movies play perfectly fine on my MBP. HOWEVER, there is a slight 2-3 second extra loading time when you start the movie or fast forward it to different scenes.

    G) YES. This is perhaps the most annoying part of Time Capsule (in my experience thus far). When backing up via Time Capsule, I would sometimes try to access my external harddrive linked to the Time Capsule. Out of 2/3 times, the internet connection would time out and disconnect. I would have to manually pull out the plug and put it back in to restart Time Capsule. Normally if you were to access the external harddrive, it'll still butt in and try to backup every half an hour. Often, it'll cut off connections to both the internet AND the harddrives to the computer.

    Playing around with it, I find the most easiest way to correct this problem is just to disable Time Machine when moving around big files. After you're done, just turn it back on. Annoying, yes. But it helps.

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