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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by trevolly, Feb 16, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    I wonder if anyone can help as I'm tearing my hair out. I have a new late 2013 iMac which is great. I want to backup the iMac and going with Apple I have purchased a new 2TB Airport Time Capsule (tall edition).

    The idea of having the Time Capsule as a backup device is that I want to hide the device away in my house - well away from the iMac - so in a worse case scenario and I get burgled, the Time Capsule is hidden and my data is safe. This means I want the Time Capsule to have NO physical connection with my router or iMac.

    This was possible with the older (flat) Time Capsule by joining an existing network. I used to have my iMac downstairs and the Time Capsule hidden in the attic. The new Time capsule will not let me join unless it is attached with an Ethernet cable. Then it wants to constantly set up a new wireless network.

    Why do I want my Time Capsule attached to my router where it is on view, ready to be stolen? I have tried to download an older version of Airport Utility (5.6) but it will not run on Mavericks. I have tried to hard reset the Time Capsule but it wont reset.....

    Can anyone please help? I can see the Time Capsule going back....

    Many thanks for your time

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    Your old Time Capsule can certainly be used wirelessly to "join" the network. That being said, you will experience lower performance during data transmission to and from the older Time Capsule as it must go wirelessly. Ethernet is always the best bet, but I understand your reasoning.

    To begin, locate the reset button on the rear of the old Time Capsule. Remove the power cable and depress the reset button. Plug in the power cord while still holding reset until the front light begins to blink rapidly. You may now release the reset button. The Time Capsule has now been reset to factory settings, and is pending setup. Please note that this does not wipe the data off of the hard drive.

    Begin by opening AirPort Utility. The latest at time of writing is 6.3.1. You should not need 5.6 unless that you need more advanced features, or you have a really old Time Capsule. Inside the window you will see three things. A globe labeled "Internet" with a solid line running into the first Time Capsule. Locate the "WiFi" settings up in your menu bar. Within that drop down you will see the Time Capsule as an "Other AirPort Device or Base Station", select it. AirPort Utility will begin to look about the network and commence the setup process.

    By default, AirPort Utility may suggest to extend the network (wirelessly). You will see "Other Options" in the bottom left of the window. Select that! Then choose "Join a Network", select your network, and enter the password for the wireless. It may ask you a few more questions like the base station password of the other Time Capsule as well. Continue through the setup process.

    Once complete, wait a moment for the Time Capsule to initialize the settings and negotiate itself as a member of the network. You should now see "Internet" with a solid line to the first Time Capsule, with a dotted line to the second. The dotted line means that the transmission is wireless.

    If my quotations are slightly off it is because I wrote this out of memory. Don't worry though, it is always easy to reset them if something goes wrong...

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