Time Capsule Size & Online Time Machine?

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    Couldn't find a newer thread that addresses this.

    I have been doing time machine on my MBP on a 500G external HD. I upgraded my internal hard drive to 500G and moved my 256 to my optibay, and now time machine won't do any back ups. I want to get a refurbished time machine to do my backups, but I'm unsure how the time machine really works. Should I get a 2TB or will 1 TB suffice? Presumably I can just use my other 500G drive for normal storage, and the time capsule for backups so I shouldn't really need any spare space, but I'm concerned my time machine backups will fill the 1TB and I'll need to buy a new one (or replace the hard drive?) Thanks!
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    Normally you should buy twice the amount of whatever you're backing up. You have a 1 TB drive for files then your backup drive should be 2 TB.
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    I also just saw that there used to be a "Time Warp" that stores your time machine backups in the cloud. I want it, but it doesn't exist anymore, can someone point me in the right direction for this kind of thing? Thanks.

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