Time Capsule - time for a new model!

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    So our Time Capsule (1st generation) still works but it's getting rather old - over 7 years old in fact. The 1TB hdd is becoming a limitation, the lack of simultaneous dual band is holding us back - 3/4 of the devices in our house now can use 5ghz / ac, while the kids are still on 2.4ghz devices.

    Aha, time for a new Time Capsule! Not so fast Batman... Apple's current model (Fifth Generation TC) is now over 2 years old and it's sorely due for an update. Wikipedia says it was released June 10th, 2013. I can't believe the USB is still USB 2.0.

    I back up my TC to an external HDD every few weeks. ("Keep three copies of data in at least two different places"). With the current 5th generation TC, backing up the 3TB model to an external drive would take about 20 hours if the USB ran at full speed. Given that's wildly optimistic, and that for a full disk backup, with millions of small files, 50% speed is more likely, we're looking at the better part of 2 full days to do a back up.

    Sorry, in 2015, I am not going to spend £350 that the Apple Store asks for a 3TB HDD from 2013 that takes 2 days to backup. Apple must be joking. Come on Apple, drop the price and stick USB 3.0 on it.
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    I would get a new Airport but I don't want a tall unit, and the fact that they are old just makes things worse, but that does not mean I would buy an updated one if it's not flat.
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    I was hoping for an update as well. I was just thinking a minor update like USB 3 and upping the hard drives to something like 4 and 5 or 6 TB at the same price points would have been nice. I mean the cost of 2 and 3 TB drives have fallen a lot in the last 2 years and the Time Capsule prices are still the same as when they came out.
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    My guess is we won't see an update to the Airport line until this fall or next year when 802.11ad adoption starts in ernest.

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