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    A fairly simple question i hope, but it is stumping me.

    I would like to remove ALL back up files on the TimeCapsule.

    I have updated a lot of files on my Mac and I would like to 'start again' so to speak with the TimeCapsule.

    I think that if I delete ALL backups on the TimeCapsule and let the Mac do a fresh backup it will free up a load of space and I am certain I have only what I want left on the Mac. There is a load of old stuff I don't want or need anymore so I want a bit of a spring clean.

    The other thing that is confusing me is the fact I have 35gb of backups somewhere on the Mac. I have no idea where this mysterious 35gb is so if anyone knows I would be very grateful.

    Should have mentioned, My problem is I don't know how to delete everything in Time Machine........ i just get options for each day or each file and I actually want to delete everything in one go.
    The Mac is a late 15" 2013 Macbook Pro and the TimeCapsule is a 2TB one bought about a year ago.

    cheers for any help.

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    To erase the Time Capsule disk and start over, turn off Time Machine then go to this screen in Airport Utility and erase the disk. Then turn Time Machine back on.


    That backups space you see on that graphic is from Time Machine's local snaphots. You can just ignore it and OS X will manage the space. The files are stored in a hidden folder at /.Mobilebackups .

    If you want to zero out that space manually, just turn Time Machine off then back on.
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    Perfect! Thanks very much. Its simple when you know how.


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