Time Capsule to extend wireless network?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Big G, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Aug 17, 2010
    Hi. I've recently had Virgin Media installed and have a Netgear VMDG280, which is the Wireless N Cable Gateway (combined modem and router). Unfortunately I've had to have it installed in the bottom corner of the house as that is where the cable came in. I do also have a Time Capsule which I have connected to the wireless network and backing up my MAC. I've got the TC upstairs, pretty central to the house, as my theory is that if it is in a different room then if someone does have away with the MAC, they have a better chance of missing my Time Capsule so at least I might still have my data. So this is connected wirelessly and backing up fine. However, I figured that I may as well use the TC to extend the network as my PS3, for example, is at the top far corner of the house. But the TC is saying that I can't extend the Virgin Media network. Does anyone have any ideas why?

    Am I missing a trick in general by setting it up this way? The devices that need to connect wirelessly in my house are the Mac, work laptop (G), iPhone, PS3, Blackberry so probably only the MAC is at N speeds. I see some people set up a couple of networks, what is the advantage of this? And should I be thinking about a backup network?

    Apologies for the mass of questions.
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    What could be the problem is that to extend the network the time capsule (or airport express) would need to be connecting to an existing Airport network for it to work.

    so, You basically need to have an Airport Extreme BS for the extension to work.

    Now you already have the TC so you can use this as your main router and pick up an Airport Express to extend the network (you lose you good idea of having your time capsule away from the Mac)

    You MAY be able to get the TC to link to your existing router if you are fairly tech savvy and can figure out how to get that to work (some websites explain the procedure but it was way too difficult for me to understand)

    Good luck! AEBS are expensive (i know i have one!) but especially so if you already have the time Capsule!!

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