Time lapse with stabilisation?!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by inscrewtable, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Oct 9, 2010
    I just tried Hyperlapse on my iPod Touch and was very disappointed to get a pop up telling me that the 6 gen Touch with A8 processor and M8 motion coprocessor was not supported.

    Not sure why this is. Is there any app that will take time-lapse on the Touch and also perform software stabilisation?

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    Could you be using the wrong term and confusing us?

    Hyperlapse can be done easily on your touch with a monopod and a whole lotta walking. Then color fix one of the images and apply to the rest. Now stitch them all together and if you kept your spacing accurate you will have an awesome hyperlapse.
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    Hi, thanks for the reply, yes Hyperlapse does work however I get a pop up saying that "Stabilisation Not Supported" "your device doesn't support Hyperlapse stabilisation. Your finished videos may not be stabilised"

    For me the whole point of this App was that it advertised image stabilisation for handheld tracking, by utilising gyroscopic input for more accurate predictive stabilisation.

    See this post. Maybe there's something I have not understood?

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    I can't believe this I just shot two video one using Hyperlapse set to 1x speed, and one using the Apple camera app. I had to do a double take because the hyperlapse video was jerky but the video shot with the Apple camera app was stabilised, in fact it looked like it was shot on rails. So it would appear that what I'm looking for on Hyperlapse is already inbuilt in the in house Apple app! Who knew?
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    Apr 1, 2014
    Maybe contact the app maker? The only potential issue is that the A8 in the Touch is under-clocked from 1.4 GHz to 1.1 GHz when compared to the iPhone version. The memory is the same (1 GB) as the iPhone.

    The camera app does software stabilization (since the iPhone 4s days apprently), but only for small amounts of shaking. The Hyperlapse app creates 720p video by default, so it has a lot more flexibility in stabilization due to the large amount of cropping.

    The Hyperlapse app is really about compressing a long shot into a shorter shot, while adding stabilization. The stabilization part is what separates it from a time lapse, as it allows the camera to move and still keep good results (without spending a fortune on external stabilization rigs).

    If all else fails, you can simply record a video in the camera app (for the stabilization) and then use something like iMovie to adjust the video speed. I believe iMovie is free for your device as it was released after 2013.

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